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our pastors

Pastor Alex grew up in an extended family of preachers and footballers. He has always had a sense of adventure, trying everything from starting a gospel band to starting his own businesses and very nearly going off to play football on scholarship in the United States. But no matter where he went or what he did, God's calling on his life became something Pastor Alex couldn't ignore. After 10 years of following a passion to reach young people for Jesus and 4 years of being ordained, God led Pastor Alex and Jenny to start a new vibrant church in the Croydon area. Jenny felt the call on her life from the age of 16 and had a passion for sharing Jesus, so much so, she was the one who invited Alex to church. Jenny is a bit of a brainbox, graduating from Cambridge University with a First Class degree, her ultimate passion is seeking the Kingdom first and building a church for God.  God has given them the vision to start Alive City Church, where the power of God is evident, actively changing people's lives and connecting them to the source of their purpose. Pastor Alex has a BA in Ministerial Theology. 

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